Self critique on presentation

I do not know if I did this during my speech, but know it is a concern for me generally.

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Another improvement I need to make is creating better credibility in my introduction. I speak too fast when speaking conversationally and when I get nervous, I go even faster. Before you even begin putting your PowerPoint slides together, the first thing you need to do is understand what your audience wants.

I certainly did a fair amount of research in preparing for this speech because I was unfamiliar with it prior to researching it. Instead, the true aim is to celebrate your successes and look ahead to see how you can improve for your next speech.

Your slides should summarize or draw attention to one or two items each. Maybe you can point to some of the significant central empirical values rather than talking generally about a table of numbers.

A question for you, my esteemed readers… How could I have improved the speech. In the future, I definitely need to practice not only with several people as an audience but also in front of a large group so that I can get used to the different responsive ways the audience can be.

The primary goal of the people listening to your presentation is to get the information they need. Monroe's Motivated Sequenceconsisting of five steps, gives you a framework for developing content for this kind of presentation: As you explain the model you should refer to or point to the specific term in the slide.

To improve my speeches in the future, I plan on practicing more in front of people. It probably made my speech difficult to watch because it was distracting from what I was saying. I did practice a lot and did tons of research, so to hear the compliments about everyone enjoying the interesting research I found was beneficial.

Overall I though my speech was a very good foundation for the rest of the semester. State results in words rather than math and empirical significance only. In their answers they displayed knowledge of the lessons reviewed and were able to share information on their strengths and weaknesses and describe how the design of the team lesson was based on this critique.

Speak just a little louder Too fast; speak more slowly and your presentation will be vastly improved-- because the speed with which you speak affects all aspect of the presentation, including audience understanding and mood. If I could do it over again, I would have rehearsed twenty more times until it was perfected.

Table results can be replaced with short sentences of major findings. I really enjoy making power points and have fun making everything organized while visually appealing. What lessons can you extract.

I also knew my topic and speech very well so I did not have many awkward pauses. Goffman saw a connection between the kinds of acts that people put on in their daily life and theatrical performances. I believe this helped make my presentation come off as confident and enthusiastic.

This made me quite happy because I had spent a great deal of time working on gestures and staging. A sampling of comments from Paper Presentation Critiques EconFall The research problem is clear; objectives clearly stated Research problem: Some feedback I received hinted that the core message could have been stronger by eliminating the entire Maximus story, and instead using the time for a stronger and lengthier call-to-action.

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life is a sociology book by Erving Goffman, in which the author uses the imagery of the theatre in order to portray the importance of human social interaction; this would become known as Goffman's dramaturgical analysis approach.

A critique is an oral or written discussion strategy used to analyze, describe, and interpret works of art.

Critiques help students hone their persuasive oral and writing. Self Evaluation of Oral Presentation Performance. Excellent Satisfactory Needs work 1. Introduced self and the topic (((2. Captured the attention of the audience (((3. Stated purpose and main idea of the presentation at the beginning (((4.

How to Self-Evaluate Your Speech

Organisation and preparation ((( Oral Presentation Evaluation. PowerPoint presentations offer the dual challenge of first putting together useful, engaging slides, and then presenting the slides in an effective and informative way. Writing a self-evaluation after giving such a presentation will help you pinpoint your strengths and identify the skills you could stand to improve.


Self and peer assessment of oral presentations. Involving students in self and peer assessment activities allows them to gain an understanding of the criteria on which their own work is judged. It can also help them engage more effectively with the feedback process.

The use of self and peer assessment is discussed in more detail elsewhere on this website. Research of sources of stress during competition showed that the most frequent source of stress was significant others, competitive anxiety, and social-evaluation and self-presentation.

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Self critique on presentation
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